Our Menu

The secret of La Tagliatella is that we only work with the finest ingredients. Every year, we scour Italy in search of the best local produce and suppliers to create our dishes: cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin status, wines, truffles, organically-grown tomatoes, wild mushrooms, traditionally-made charcuterie… this is the secret behind the flavors of La Tagliatella. We have a deep respect for culinary tradition and hence we pay careful attention not only to the way we create our dishes but also to the selection of our products.

Our cuisine is based on the traditions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, the northern Italian regions famed for a cuisine rich in nuances and historical influences. Our selection of recipes represents the full gamut of Italian gastronomy: oven-fired pizzas and more than 20 varieties of pasta, not to mention our risottos, carpaccios, meats and gratin dishes.

Our menu has been devised to meet the needs of all our customers: from the most discerning palates through to the most classic recipes for less adventurous diners, nobody can fail to be delighted by our offering. Our dishes are adapted to the tastes of local markets while maintaining the essence of the recipes; in this way, though managing to avoid any gastronomic culture clashes, we remain a top quality Italian restaurant whose ultimate goal is to enhance, respect and transmit the flavors of one of the world’s most varied and popular cuisines.