Our Values

Loyalty to Customers. We are committed to our customers.

We are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers. This approach goes deeper than our excellent food service. We know that our customers come first and so every detail is highly important to us. We know by doing so we ensure that both the service and ambience meet their expectations. Such attention to detail means that nothing is missed. This is the difference that makes customers value La Tagliatella. Our commitment originates from La Tagliatella´s whole company ethos. We are one that goes one step further than simply providing a place to eat. We take pleasure in meeting customer expectations and making them feel at home. In doing so, we hope to create a special bond with them.

Authenticity. We are genuine because we are loyal to our origins and products.

We offer genuine products because we believe that only by doing so can we offer top quality, authentic products. In our restaurants you can see how we make the pizza and smell its aroma coming out of the oven. We provide a familiar service to our customers and we want them to enjoy it in and ambiance with an original décor, with fine materials and Italian objects. We are consistent to our principles and identity regardless of who we are dealing with. We believe in ourselves and the good things we offer.

Generosity. We believe that giving is a pleasure.

We are driven by the desire to give, and strive to anticipate our clients‘ wishes. Our belief in giving is the source of our determination to achieve this goal. We well know that our clients will be thankful to us for this. La Tagliatella always offers the best: the best food, the best service and the best environment.

Hospitality. Our customers are our house guests.

Our clients are not just one of many; each one is a different person with different needs. They are warmly welcomed at the door, and we anticipate each of their needs so they feel comfortable during the whole experience. We greet them with open arms and the desire to offer them a space and ambience where they can be themselves. It´s a privilege for us to share ¨our home¨ with our customers and offer them the best we have.