Our History

La Tagliatella, like so many successful businesses, was a flash of inspiration from the heart. It grew from the founder´s love of Italy and its unique cuisine. Many a time he had shared Italian food with his family and his friends. However he was struck that it was extremely difficult to find restaurants offering an authentic dining experience. In 1991, therefore, in the small town of Lerida, he opened his first restaurant. The owner never dreamed that this would be the start of a long and successful journey to first other cities in Spain, then other countries in Europe and now other continents in the world.

His success was not one which could have been achieved by anyone simply because his concept was something new. Indeed, the secret ingredient of his ‘recipe’ came from his genuine interest in Italy. He knew that his customers came to his restaurant because of its authenticity. His guests felt that for a few special moments they had been whisked to Rome or Florence.

The owner spent long periods of time in Italy where he looked for the best producers and products. Indeed, his love for it led him to have a privileged relationship with those ‘hand picked’ local suppliers. These were chosen for their fidelity to producing the highest quality of products. He was a man who liked getting involved. He understood that in Italy building a good business relationship was about spending quality time with his suppliers, so he shared with them their pride for fresh natural ingredients such as aged parmigiano, authentic pure buffalo mozzarella and specialty vegetables, (such as baby artichoke hearts or Sole di Puglia tomatoes), with the knowledge that this was precisely what made his restaurants unique.

As he continued to become more and more successful he realized that an additional touch to his restaurants would be in its décor. After meeting with a highly creative decorator, they devised “a setting in Italy” and in doing so this completed the whole experience. The inside of La Tagliatella restaurants are heavily wooded to look like a Northern Italian home. Parts of the restaurant look like a library; leaving our customers impressed by its ingenuity, enchanted by their surroundings, welcomed to someone´s old villa. They, not only have enjoyed a true taste of Italy but also a real feeling of the warmth and hospitality which Italy is known for around the world.

Today we have more than 150 restaurants but each one of them has kept their unique ambiance giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy authentic Italian food. It has also kept its belief in using only the best quality products.

The story goes on from strength to strength. It is a story with humble beginnings and its secret lies in the fact that La Tagliatella has never forgotten its origins.We continue to strive to ensure moments of pleasure for families and friends. La Tagliatella was an inspired idea and it continues to inspire its customers who return again and again. This is and continues to be the essence of our success.